How small changes can make a big difference

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The rise of private and alfresco dining

The British pub and restaurant scene has changed over the years, and many companies have found innovative ways to ensure their chain of establishments remain current and attractive to consumers with the introduction of gastro dining and craft beers.

However, having uncomfortable surroundings or a dilapidated façade can be a real deal-breaker for customers. Refurbishing doesn’t have to cost the earth, in fact, simple additions and decorative touches can make all the difference.

To increase revenue potential, one solution could be to create smaller sections for private dining. This can be achieved through the installation of fret screens, which can be customised to reflect the ambience and style of a restaurant, to carve out private dining areas away from the main dining area.

Alternatively, zoning off a section of the restaurant by installing pocket glass doors will create a separate space, while the floor-to-ceiling glass will ensure the light from the rest of the restaurant floods the area. We used this technique during the refurbishment of Paris House.

And let’s not forget alfresco dining as a way to boost revenue. During the pandemic eating outside became a hit and will continue to provide a new channel of income for restaurateurs all year round. In the case where outdoor space is limited, restaurants could utilise more operable walls and windows to create an indoor-outdoor experience to give a space flexibility, while providing customers with an alfresco dining experience.