Tips to maximise revenue from golf clubhouses.

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How can you maximise golf clubhouse revenues?

Throughout the pandemic, golf clubs have fared better than other sports clubs with memberships increasing – 45% of golf clubs now have waiting lists compared to just 22% in 2019. However, all reports are now pointing to the fact that golf clubs need to capitalise on this membership windfall and do everything they can to maximise retention and continue to attract new customers.

The golf clubhouse itself has become more of an asset in becoming a source of income. In fact, it has the potential to be a huge revenue generator from events. The enforced hiatus has resulted in a large amount of pent-up demand from the weddings and events industries, and golf clubs should capitalise on this.

Ensuring that their interior design is of a high standard and is able to cater to both members and event customers, is key to this success.

Leveraging on our experience of working with golf clubs such as Enfield Golf Club, we have created a series of tips to help golf club managers turn their premises into multi-faceted businesses.

Our top tips to maximise golf clubhouse revenues:

1) Many clubhouses can appear traditional, and old-fashioned in design. Modern furniture today can be both stylish and affordable, so by simply adopting a fresh, contemporary look, can instantly create more appealing surroundings.

2) Light, open spaces are more engaging today than closed-off rooms. Taking down any unnecessary interior walls can instantly make a space lighter, as can replacing dark floorings and painting walls in a more inviting, neutral shade.

3) Think about the layout of the clubhouse. Does it lend itself well for simultaneously serving members while holding events? There may be simple solutions to creating a better layout such as introducing folding doors behind a bar to create two separate areas if needed.

4) The acoustics are also an important consideration to avoid any noise overspill from an event into the member’s area. This can easily be rectified through the installation of noise-reducing doors for instance.

5) Turn any unused areas into a golf swing room. Not only would this new facility provide an additional service for members, as they can virtually practice their swing on globally renowned courses but provide a new revenue stream.

6) Finally, don’t forget about the toilets. The positioning and design of these can often be overlooked during a refurbishment, unglamorous as they maybe they should also be a focus and they have to be bright, clean and fresh.

Ask the experts

CIC has worked closely with many golf clubs to improve the layout and design of their establishments. We can identify areas that are not working well due to positioning and created solutions to make better use of space, providing golf clubs with maximum future returns.  Contact us for an informal chat