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Ensure your decor and surroundings are visually appealing

According to a recent report, almost half of all social media users (48%) use their online social platforms to search for venues when looking to book a pub or restaurant. This number increases to 53% in the 18-24 year old age group, particularly with visual social media such as Instagram and TikTok. So, as the era of taking instagrammable images rises, restaurants and pubs need to ensure their décor and surroundings are visually appealing as it’s becoming one of the best ways to engage with current and prospective customers.

A full refurbishment programme isn’t necessary, but a few modifications could make all the difference. From introducing new soft furnishings to installing softer lighting in the toilets – as we all know the power of the bathroom selfie! Another quick win is to fill in a previously empty wall with framed pictures or a vibrant wallpaper. While refurbishing a Charles Well pub, The Dragoon in Brampton, CIC created a stencilled mural on one wall which proved a hit with pub-goers and created a more insta-friendly decor.