How should hotels cater for eco-conscious guests?

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Should all hotels consider this as part of their refurbishment strategy?

Hotels are starting to cater for eco-conscious guests post-pandemic.

The last two years have shifted the priorities for people. In the strongest grip of the pandemic, many caught a glimpse of a world with less pollution – they liked it and are now demanding more. As restrictions on travel lessen, many will now be seeking to swap the confines of their four walls and booking staycation breaks and international holidays. However, according to a report by Deloitte, environmental awareness amongst UK consumers has surged with 85% now making more sustainable lifestyle choices. These choices will extend to what customers look for when booking a hotel stay. No longer will the decision be solely based on location, price and reviews, the hotel’s ability to document its sustainable offering will also be a key factor.

While sustainability was a focal point for the hospitality industry companies well before events of the past two years influenced consumer mindsets, it is set to increasingly come to the forefront.

Recently, Hilton published its 2022 Global Trends report which revealed that 86% of travellers want to travel more sustainably. Given this shift, Hilton is making it easier for guests through its ‘Travel with Purpose’ mission to double the investment in social impact and cut environmental impact in half by 2030. From bike-sharing to soap recycling to a new electric vehicle (EV) search filter, guests can feel better about taking care of the world around them while they take time for themselves.

These steps, while representing a potentially large investment by a global hotel chain, can be adopted by smaller hotel establishments, from installing energy-saving technology to making green options more accessible to customers and incorporating more EV charging points.