Celebrating National Beer Day

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Today we celebrated National Beer Day UK and in particular, the ‘Long Live the Local’ campaign. Backed by Britain’s Beer Alliance, the campaign applauds the positive role that pubs play in our lives and communities while highlighting the challenges they face from a range of tax pressures.


Pubs have played an integral role in local communities for centuries. From helping to foster friendships and ward off loneliness to providing a setting to meet and be social, the local pub is often the beating heart of a village or town.


During the pandemic, even when closed, pubs continued to play an important role, from laying on extra services specifically designed to help local people receive the supplies they need during the lockdown, to offering take-out meals to give regular customers a taste of what they were missing. For many pubs which faced the threat of closure due to the forced restrictions, this role was often reversed with many local communities coming together to save their locals – a move which signified the affection people hold for their local pub.


We work with many pub companies, and it is heartening to see so many now enjoying a return to normality after the pandemic while welcoming back loyal customers. Cheers!