Adding Value by Improving Energy Efficiency

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Are waterless urinals the key to saving gallons of water for the education sector?

Making the smallest energy-efficient improvements can bring significant financial savings to schools, enabling them to redirect funds to other important areas. One incremental change which can be made is to instal waterless urinals within male toilets. We have been installing waterless urinals in pubs, restaurants, and clubs for years, most recently at the Telford International Centre, and they can make a positive impact.

Every year these systems can significantly reduce water costs, by up to 80%, while making a saving of 20,000 to 45,000 gallons of water per urinal. Waterless urinals allow gravity to drain urine into a vertically-designed trap filled with a thin layer of liquid sealant that sits in the drain area of the urinal, which also blocks and prevents odours from being released into the air. The waste eventually overflows into a conventional drainpipe, similar to a traditional urinal. As the name implies, most waterless urinal systems have no visible plumbing installed on or above the urinal, which virtually eliminates the risk of damage or destruction.