25 Years of Building a Legacy: the ingredients of success

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Time to celebrate success

Reaching a milestone like a 25th anniversary is more than just a testament to a company’s longevity. It serves as a barometer of a company’s resilience, adaptability, and ability to not just change with the times, but to be the catalysts of change themselves.


As we turn our thoughts to 25 years in business, we see this as a fitting sentiment for CIC. As a company, we have not only navigated through turbulent economic climates but emerged as a shining example of how a business can anchor their success on its commitment to excellence and its people.


Our story is not one of overnight success, but rather of steady, unrelenting progress.


Since 1999, the world around us has certainly changed, governments have come and gone, economies have risen and fallen, an unforeseen pandemic grounded us to a halt, and technology has massively evolved. But what has remained constant is our unwavering dedication to the people within and outside our business, all of whom have been intricately woven into our story and have been behind every refurbishment and renovation that we have delivered over a quarter of a century.


From our employees who have been the bedrock upon which we’ve built our success; our sub-contractors, who are the fine threads connecting each project with care and precision, to the many clients who have become more than just business associates; but have gone on to become good friends of CIC.


People often distil business success into numbers, metrics, and milestones. While these are undeniably important facets, they are at best, mere indicators of a company’s fortune. What is often overlooked is the essence of a business – the spirit, ethos, and culture that form the soul of a company. For us, this soul is made up of a collective spirit that transcends the notion of individual contributions, where everyone – from the directors through to the apprentices – is a vital cog in the wheel.


Ingredients for success

The legacy of CIC has not simply been defined by the spaces we’ve refurbished or the buildings we’ve renovated. It lies in the intangibles which are brought to life with every project – trust, reliability, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. We understand that every project goes beyond drawings and programmes. Trust and full collaboration are core ingredients and have ultimately ensured the success of each project.


Starting small and building up our expertise has been fundamental to our longevity, from our early days renovating social clubs to delivering our biggest ever contract – the £2.5 million refurbishment on The Clayton Hotel, Manchester.


Our overriding commitment to quality and transparency to deliver within a budget and timeframe while overcoming any unforeseen challenges has enabled us to build a strong reputation and allowed us to enter new sectors. From hospitality to golf and education, with new industries on the horizon.


Keeping our overheads in check and staying rooted within the same premises that saw our humble beginnings has also been fundamental for building a strong business.


So, as we stand on the cusp of a new era, with an election looming and a nation feeling the effects of the cost of living crisis, we are well aware that the next 25 years won’t bring with it a promise of stability or a lack of hurdles. What we do know is that these years will bring new opportunities for evolution and growth and if there’s anything a legacy of 25 years has taught us, it’s that with our people-centric approach, we can sculpt a future that is as strong and as enduring as the foundation we have built over the last quarter of a century.


Here’s to the next 25 years!

 Andy Teague, Managing Director and co-founder of CIC