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Is now the time for universities to increase their refurb cycle frequency to attract students?

UK universities are continuously striving to improve their student satisfaction rates, and these are not just reflected in their academic offering but rather the wider student life, including the on-site facilities.

To attract and retain students, universities are increasing the frequency of their refurbishment cycles to ensure their campus creates a modern, appealing environment.

Traditionally, these cycles ranged from 10 to 20 years, but this has decreased considerably. While integrating the latest technology remains essential, the change is often motivated by the need to create comfortable and attractive interiors.

We have completed a variety of university refurbishment projects for clients such as the Royal Holloway Unversity, University of Hertfordshire, and the Unversity of Lincoln Student Union which ranged from refitting laboratories, refurbishing nightclubs, converting a barge to a cocktail lounge, and refurbishing student accommodation to the renovation of an off-campus pub.

Understanding the restraints on budgets, we work smartly to minimise disruption to students and teaching staff.